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"Class of Intellectuals" in Post-Industrial Society

Author: Vladislav INOZEMTSEV

V. Inozemtsev, D. Sc. (Econ.), Director of the Center of Research of Post-Industrial Society. The author of a number of books on the problems of post-industrial society including: The Constitution of the Post-Economic State, London, 1998; One World Divided, London, 2000. This article appeared in Russian in the journal SOTSIS, No. 6, 2000. The last paragraph of this publication is taken from the author's article ?The Class Aspect of Poverty in Post- Industrial Societies' printed in the journal SOTSIS, No. 7, 2000.

Alongside with the complication of the whole complex of social relations in post-industrial society being formed in developed countries its class structure is being substantially complicated; it acquires a new dimension since knowledge and information turn into the most important resource of production, and the control over this resource and possibility to use it becomes the basis of referring people to a ruling class. In my view, today it is hardly possible to deny the fact that among numerous social groups existing in the society of early post- industrialism for the recent decades a group referred to as "knowledge-class" in Western social theory acquires special importance. Realizing certain imperfection of the proposed term hereinafter we will name this group as a "class of intellectuals".

The evolution of the idea of modern social elite

The first attempts to view the role of a given social group date back to the late 50s. In those times they had a rather sporadic character and were made mainly within the framework of the analysis of status stratification in society.

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