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A.D. SHUTOV. Post-Soviet Space.

Author: V. Novikov

M., Nauchnaya kniga, 1999, 250 pp.

THE WORK UNDER REVIEW is the first attempt of the complex analysis of the activities of CIS as an international regional organization. The book is of an encyclopedic character in covering different sides of life that adds indisputable value to it.

Numerous documents and facts are used in the work. The author objectively examines the causes of the collapse of the USSR as a consequence of a whole number of factors intertwined in one knot: internal and external, political and socioeconomic, to a considerable extent of a subjective nature engendered by one-party system. On concrete documents and facts A. Shutov traces the illegitimacy of the liquidation of the USSR as a subject of international law.

It is stressed in the work that without consolidated organization, without an economically and militarily strong CIS the danger of the disintegration of post-Soviet space into weak state formations may become a relatively close prospect. Collective efforts for economic rervival, ensuring security and getting a chance to stay on historical scene as independent subjects of international law in the new century are necessary. Beyond the framework of integration neither Russia, nor other CIS countries can implement the reforms and overcome the lingering crisis.

Proceeding from the analysis of the main aspects of the life of the former Soviet republics, the author concludes that on the CIS space there is no sufficient basis for simultaneous and multilateral integration. The process of integration development at different pace and different levels is objectively inevitable. Besides, the Commonwealth does not possess economic, financial reserves for multilateral integration programs. The bilateral economic projects are the most effective ones. The Union of Russia and Byelarus is a vivid example of this.

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