• "Social Sciences"
  • Date:04-01-2001(SSC-No.002)
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  • Pages 1-2
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K. Kondratiev: "... mankind is heading to an ecological catastrophe... The main concern ... is caused by the continuing population growth and ever more glaring contradictions between production and consumption. In view of the illusion about "sustainable development", the need is evident to change the paradigm in order to make it conform to the requirements of the global ecodynamics and socioeconomic development."

G. Diligensky: "In the context of the present-day globalization, the events in Russia cannot help influencing considerably the whole world in the coming decades... a modernized Russia that ... consolidates and develops partnership relations with the West, could make a ponderable contribution to a more balanced development of the globalization processes."

S. Peregudov: "Since the mid-1990s, one of the major peculiarities of Russia's sociopolitical development has been the formation of the corporative sector of the economy... Big corporations and corporative capital as a whole already now influence quite seriously the development of the country's political system and they are not the last to influence the prospects of democratization of the Russian state and society."

A. Nesterenko: "The change in the Kremlin leadership in the winter-spring of 2000 symbolically marked ... the completion of the whole stage of post-Soviet history which is used to be called a transition period... Russia's modernization will not do without active ... interference of the state in the economy but having no real economic mechanisms of growth of private capital, the state will have only the bankrupt tools of administrative interference in the economy."

G. Sillaste: "Gender sociology differs radically from sex sociology in that when it deals with biological, physiological and psychological differences of sex groups it brings to the foreground the particularities of the masculine and feminine social committees, their social conduct and social status... In our country, the interest in gender sociology sharply rose after the perstroika."

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