• "Social Sciences"
  • Date:07-01-2001(SSC-No.003)
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  • Words: 390

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A. Arinin: "... the existence of the state system of power today is the question of its restructuring ... This means the renunciation of the principle 'man for the state' in favor of the principle 'the state for man'."

E. Bashkirova: "Institutional changes only become really irreversible when society accepts them and they are integrated into the system of values by which society is guided."

V. Egorov: "I share the idea of ... Ernst Cassirer who wrote: 'Human culture taken as a whole may be described as a process of man's progressive self-liberation. Language, art, religion, science are various phases of this process.'"

M. Gorshkov: "... in today's Russia, two different models of value systems coexist. One is strongly attracted by the postindustrial individualist model of value consciousness, and the other is linked to the carriers of the traditionalist Russian mentality and is based on the patriarchal collectivist model of values."

Yu. Levada: "... the fundamental weakness of all forms and trends of protest actions which may be observed in Russian society are determined not by some casual, situational factors but by their quality as a weak structuration of society."

O. Larichev at al.: "Provisions with cheap energy, struggle against diseases, intellectual works, exploration of the Universe-this is a small list of directions where great achievements are expected in the 21st century."

A. Zverev: "... expansion of the territory of the laughing world to encompass even the sphere of tragedy lasted during the whole of the 20th century. Moreover, it is a characteristic feature of the century of artistic history, which was recently concluded."

A. Melikhov: "In mathematics, if I solve a problem, my colleagues will be applauding me, and I will be applauding myself, too. In art, you never know whether you have coped or not."

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