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  • Date:07-01-2001(SSC-No.003)
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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 2, 2001

K. Ivanov. How the Image of Soviet Science Was Being Built in Post-Stalinist Society.

G. Matishov. Seas and Oceans - Object of Study.

V. Soifer. Computer Processing of Images.

V. Zubakov. Climate in History of the Biosphere.

Yu. Vorotnikov. On Rendering Monuments of Old Russian Book-Learning into Modern Russian Language.

G. Udintsev. Face of the Earth: View at the End of the 20th Century.

M. Vandalkovskaya. Lofty Service to the Goddess of History. To the 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician M.V. Nechkina.

Yu. Emelyanov. Son of the Passing Century. To the 100th Birth Anniversary of V.S. Emelyanov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

U. Mirsaidov. The Main Scientific Center of Tajikistan.

No. 3, 2001

N. Plate. Vestnik RAN Has Turned Seventy.

They Headed the Editorial Board of Vestnik Akademii Nauk.

Readers Comments on the Journal.

Times Embodied in Journal Lines (Through Pages of "Vestnik RAN".

A. Zaliznyak, V. Yanin. Psalter of Novgorod Early in the 11th Century: The Oldest Book of Russia.

G. Malinetsky, S. Kurdyumov. Nonlinear Dynamics and Problems of Prognosis.

Multifarious Forecasting. Discussion at the RAS Presidium.

N. Klyuev. Ecological Results of Russian Reforms.

page 173

A Man Changes the Blood. Talk with Academician A.I. Vorobyov, Director of the Hematology Scientific Research Center.

A. Pyzhikov. Inner-party Struggle and Evolution of the Power System, 1953-1957.

O. Trubachyov. Prehistory of a Book.

V. Belyanin. Light Is the Beginning of All Beginnings. To the 125th Birthday of Academician D.S. Rozhdestvensky.

R. Medvedev. The Private Library of the "Coryphaeus of All Sciences".

No. 4, 2001

V. Osipov. Natural Disasters at the Turn of the 21st Century.

N. Chernoplekov. Superconductor Technologies: Present Status and Applications Prospects.

A. Spirin. Protein Biosynthesis, the World of RNA, and the Origin of Life.

"He Is Making Good Physics". To Academician Yu. Osipyan's 70th Birth Anniversary.

Yu. Neymark. Creator of Nonlinear Dynamics and Physics. On the 100th Birth Anniversary of Academician A.A. Andronov.

B. Sokolov. A Scientist and Encyclopedist. To the 90th Birth Anniversary of Academician A.L. Yanshin.

Yu. Vorotnikov. The Reading Range of Our Forebears. "The Story of Woe and Misfortune".

V. Kovalevsky, M. Khublaryan. Improving the Efficiency of Water Resource Systems.

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