• "Social Sciences"
  • Date:10-01-2001(SSC-No.004)
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  • Pages 1-2
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E. Yasin: "If Putin is poised to fulfill his mission only the right-wing liberals can give him support and be his full-fledged allies. But Putin cannot rely only on them, for their electoral basis is narrow so far. They have not yet been exonerated from the blame for the hardships of the crisis. For Putin, the formation of a wider and ideologically more amorphous coalition, looking moderate and centrist, is an issue of his personal likings or convictions and, at the same time, a sine qua non of political stability."

R. Kapelyushnikov: "... characterizing transition societies, we should rather speak about deformalization of the institutional space of transition societies because the formal 'rules of the game' retreat here to the background, yielding to the non-formal relationship nets. In the final count, this shift from formal institutions to non-formal ones, from direct contracts to indirect ones, from standard transactions to personalized deals determines their institutional nature."

N. Tikhonova, O. Shkaratan: "As we can see, the ideas of the majority of the population about social politics Russia needs today are rather a contradictory conglomerate of the leveling conceptions inherited from the past, and those corrections we had to introduce under the influence of current realities."

A. Zdravomyslov: "It should be stressed: notions 'power', 'society' and 'individual' remain not only the widest but also irremovable categories of political discourse, by the way, due to the fact that the relations between the designated main points are constantly filled with new content. One can hardly predict any harmony between these components of social process."

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