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A.Nesterenko, D.Sc. (Econ.)

V.M.KUDROV. The Soviet Economy in the Retrospective. An Experience of Reinterpretation. Moscow, Nauka Publishers, 1997, 303 pp.

Whatever our attitude may be to socialism and the socialist ideology, one should not negate that the birth, stormy development and the subsequent collapse of the USSR is almost the principal socioeconomic "scene" of the going century. The recent history of our country is, and will remain for long, the subject of scientific studies.

If we put aside the purely ideological aspect of these studies, the study of the Soviet economy, from the scientific point of view, is of interest mainly in the aspect of an opportunity to get an answer to three questions.

First. How does the Soviet economy correlate with the world economic process and did the USSR fall out of the normal course of world economic history? (The latest studies of Russian and foreign scientists convincingly prove that the economy of the USSR was not an exclusive phenomenon but, rather, a logical, although extreme, manifestation of the "catching-up" type of development).

Second. How effective is state socialism as an economic model?

Third. How is the Soviet period of the national economy related with Russia's current economic position?

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