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(Problems of History)

No. 11-12, 1998

D. Shepilov. Reminiscences.

Materials of the Investigations Against N.V. Nekrassov, 1921, 1931, 1939. Introduced by V.V. Polikarpov.

I. Pavlova. Political Power Machinery in the USSR of the 1920s and 1930s.

E. Vanina. Reformation in Medieval Towns of India and Western Europe.

V. Shelokhaev. Nikolai Vissarionovich Nekrassov.

Yu. Ovchenko. The Philosophy of "Police Socialism".

M. Chukanov. Istvan Tisza on His "Heavenly Stroke of Luck".

A. Gogolev. Ancient Altai-Indo-European Ties in Yakut Culture and Language.

Correspondence and Other Documents of Right-Wing Politicians, 1911.

D. Danilov. Loris-Melikov: The Career of a "Paradoxical Dictator".

A. Zorin. Rivalry of the Trade-Industrial Companies in the Russian America, 1787-1797.


(Modern and Contemporary History)

No. 6, 1998

A. Kartunova. The Chinese Question in the Correspondence between Georgi Chicherin and Leo Karakhan. 1924-1926.

Academician G. Sevostyanov. The Aggravation of Soviet-American Relations in the Summer of 1935: Cause and Effect.

V. Gaiduk. Dialogue between Russia and the Vatican at the Turn of the 19th-20th Century. New Archive Documents.

M. Mikhailov. The 1848-1849 Revolutions. Historiography Abroad.

J. Revel (France). History and Social Sciences in France. The Case of the "Annales" School's Evolution (Conclusion).

A. Tyrsenko. Abbot E.J. Sieyes (1748-1836). The Roots of Liberal Ideology in France.

L. Gintsberg. Franz von Papen (1879-1969).

O. Orlik. Russian Religious Mission in Peking in the Early 19th Century.

N. Popov. Dynastic Marriages and the "Marriage Diplomacy" in Western Europe of the Early Modern Period.

Academician S. Tikhvinsky. The Fate of Two Generations of a Russian Diplomatic Family.


(Russian Archaeology)

No. 4, 1998

S. Arutyunov. To the Anniversary of Tatyana Ivanovna Alexeeva.

A. Derevyanko et al. The Paleolithic Age of the North-West of the Altai- Sayany Mountains.

L. Yablonsky. A Model of the Early Ethnogenesis in the Scythian-Saka Contact Zone.

S. Polin. On Chronology of the Early Scythian Culture (based on the system of I.N. Medvedskaya).

V. Korenyako. The Issue of the Scythian-Siberian Animal Style Origin.

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