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Conservative Geopolitics and Progressive Globalistics
Leonid IONIN

The conceptions underlying geopolitical and the so-called geostrategic thinking fail sometimes to take account of the important dimensions of the ideologies locked in battle on the international arena. They fail, therefore, to pin down the real meaning of the present-day world developments. This is true both of Western (Huntington's conception) and Russian (Eurasian approach) geopolitical doctrines. Both concentrate on the clash of civilizations which means a clash between more or less equal and equally promising models of the world. I intend to demonstrate that the battle is waged by a particularist geopolitical ideology (Eurasianism) and a universal globalist project.

I have to start at the far approaches to the problem and look at two different treatments of the sensible and concrete reality of space typical of conservatism and liberalism. They have been graphically outlined by Karl Mannheim in his famous essay Conservatism: A Contribution to the Sociology of Knowledge. He started with examining the idea of property since (writes he) the specific nature of conservative reality is nowhere so illustrative as in this idea which differs greatly from the commonly accepted bourgeois interpretation of this phenomenon.1 There are two types of property which presuppose different forms of its connection with the owner. The traditional type has been described by the conservative theoreticians (J. Moeser in the first place) as "genuine property" with a "living" mutual bond between it and the owner.2 The modern abstract type stands opposed to it which is tied to the owner by a contract. In the first case property and the owner are parts of the same body and their bond is impossible to sever. Mannheim follows in Moeser's footsteps to illustrate that property in the true sense of the word delivered the owner certain privileges: the right to vote (where the property qualification was in place), the right to hunt and to serve in

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