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I. Buzdalov: "In social and economic terms, the agricultural sector is in bad shape: population statistics and human capital indicators in rural areas are dismal; the quality of the technological and production potential, land resources, social and engineering infrastructure is poor; and food imports have reached an unprecedented scale."

Ye. Zubkova: "Nothing can tell us more about the 'norm' than deviation from it. That is why the study of social anomalies undoubtedly opens new vistas for the study of the everyday life in the Soviet Union and the relations between 'the state and the individual' and 'society and power'. At the end of the day it is a study of the correlation between the prescribed canon, on the one hand, and reality and practices, on the other."

V. Zhivov: "The Moscow-Tartu School of Semiotics is a branch of European structuralism, on the one hand, and a phenomenon of the late Soviet culture and late Soviet scholarship, on the other. These two aspects determine the basic content of the movement, its points of interest, its claims, and also its noninterest areas, those ignored or rejected by the school. Both these components are essential for understanding the specific features of the Tartu semiotics."

G. Knabe: "...the unity and the whole are divaricated in the Notion, but realize their unity in cultural-historical human reality. The domain for such divarication and unity is Europe in its history, philosophy and spirituality and its uniqueness in that sense. According to Hegel, in contradiction with the original and explicit tonality of his philosophy, it carries in itself the designation of states imbued with existential meaning sensed by the author, but fully realized only in the subsequent history of Europe until the second half of the 20th century."

E. Kulpin: "Political will should underlie any choice of a future development pattern in any case with the exception of uncontrollable development. No decision will ...

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