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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11. 2009

A. Tishkov, V. Kotlyakov. Strategy of the Sustainable Development. The Ethics of Geographic Approach.

G. Mesyats. On the 75th Anniversary of the RAS P. Lebedev Physical Institute.

V. Kozlov. On the 75th Anniversary of the RAS V. Steklov Mathematical Institute.

R. Galiulina et al. Environment Protection in the Natural Gas Industry.

Ye. Shemyakin, S. Tsygankov. Changes in the Magnetic Field of the Earth. Causes and Possible Consequences.

A. Petrovsky, I. Tikhonov. Basic Research Guided by Practical Result. Approach to Estimate the Efficiency.

A. Ivanov et al. Stem Cells. Prospects for Use in Medicine.

G. Dobrovolsky. On the Language of Scientists-Naturalists.

N. Kupershtoh. The RAS Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine (Siberian Sector). On the 25th Anniversary of the Foundation.

Yu. Shiyan, N. Lavyorov. Half a Century of Fruitful Collaboration.

A. Petrov. A Word about Elitist Education.

I. Zadorozhnyuk Migration Problems Giving Rise to Social Conflicts in Contemporary Russia.

Decisions of the RAS Presidium. Anniversaries.

A. Litvinov. A Frustrated Sensation. To the "Discovery of Intellectual Belt" of the Earth.

N. Popov. Classes in Russian Society.

No. 12. 2009

Ye. Dianov. Novel Optical Materials. Results of the Fundamental Investigations.

N. Makarov. Archaeological Study of North-East Russia. Colonization and Cultural Traditions.

page 150

Archaeology As an Interdisciplinary Science. Discussion Paper.

Yu. Tumanov. New Electrotechnologies for Chemical Metallurgical Processes of Obtaining of Inorganic Materials.

N. Shaparev. Regional Stable Nature Management.

V. Nekhamkin. Scenarios of a History That Has Never Come True: Pro and Con.

V. Lazhentsev. The Komi Scientific Center ...

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