Russia's Military Security and Social Conflicts

Author: Sh. Sh. Aliyev

Col. Sh. Sh. ALIYEV

Col. Shamil Sh. ALIYEV was born in the city of Maikop, Krasnodar Territory, in 1965. He graduated from the Leningrad Higher Combined Arms Command School (1986) and the Frunze Military Academy (1999).

Aliyev served with the Central Asian, Turkestan (also with the Limited Contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan), Urals, North Caucasus, and Volga-Urals Military Districts, rising from the post of commander of motorized rifle platoon to commander of motorized rifle regiment. He lectured at the Combined Arms Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He is currently head of the independent sector with the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces.

Abstract. The article substantiates the need to further study the classification, development, consequences and ways of settling present-day social conflicts in the interests of strengthening Russia's military security.

Keywords: military security, internal threats, cross-border threats, social conflict, terrorism, national interests.

The National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation until 2020 says that the country has overcome the effects of the systemic political and socio-economic crisis of the late 20th century. On the whole, adequate prerequisites for safely preventing internal and external threats to national security have been created in Russia. The Russian Federation as guarantor of safe national development is shifting to a new state policy in the area of national security.1

The document draws a clear line between external and internal threats to security, the latter seen as protection of national interests, values and way of life against all kinds of dangers. Notably, the internal kind is given an unusual amount of attention, the reason being that the bulk of the effort and resources are focused on the priorities of the country's stable development. In this context it is useful to analyze the interrelation between the state's military security and the social conflicts unfolding therein, in order to form ...

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