Certain Lessons from the Experience of the Great Patriotic War

Author: Ye.A. Bryuzgin

Col Ye.A. BRYUZGIN (Ret), Merited Worker of Higher School, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Candidate of Military Sciences

Yevgeny A. BRYUZGIN was born on February 3, 1925, in the village of Konokovo, Uspensky District, Krasnodar Territory. In February 1943 he was called up for service in the Soviet Army and sent to the three-month courses of junior commanders. After graduation he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant and appointed commander of a mortar platoon in the 43rd separate rifle brigade.

In 1943 he took part in the liberation of the Taman Peninsula serving in the 9th Army of the North Caucasian Front. From January 1944 until January 1945 he served as a staff officer of a rifle regiment at the 1st and 4th Ukrainian fronts and was twice wounded.

From January 1945 he was trained at the special courses of the Military Institute of Foreign Languages in Moscow after which he served at the Soviet Control Commission in Germany from 1946 until 1953.

Then he served at the headquarters of the 3rd and 4th armies as head of the intelligence section and operation section.

After graduation from the Frunze Military Academy by correspondence in 1974 he continued to work there as a lecturer and then became the head of its research department. At present he is a senior research associate of the academy.

Abstract. The article examines the experience of organizing and waging offensive actions at a tactical level and also the questions of training officers during the second period of the Great Patriotic War, which is quite valuable for the elaboration of well-substantiated recommendations contained in the article.

Keywords: the Great Patriotic War, combat experience, training, officer personnel, military activities in special conditions.

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While marking the 65th anniversary of the Great Patriotic war, I would like to share my memories and experience, as its veteran, ...

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