The Arctic: A Complex Knot of Interstate Differences

Author: V.I. Sosnin

Maj. Gen. V.I. SOSNIN (Res.), Candidate of Military Sciences

Vassily I. SOSNIN was born on January 1, 1950. He has been in the Armed Forces since 1967. He graduated from the Higher Air Force Pilots School in Orenburg (1971); the Air Force Department of the Naval Academy (1982); and the General Staff Military Academy of the RF Armed Forces (1989).

Vassily Sosnin served in the Pacific Navy's Air Force in the Far East, in positions beginning with assistant aircraft commander (starboard pilot), commander of a separate antisubmarine regiment, and chief of staff and then commander of a naval missile air force division.

Between 1993 and 2005, he was an instructor at the General Staff Military Academy of the RF Armed Forces. After he was discharged to the reserve, he was section chief of the Russian State Center of Military History and Culture under the Russian Federation Government between May and October 2005, and currently he is associate professor of the Military Art Department at the General Staff Military Academy of the RF Armed Forces.

Vassily Sosnin has published research, academic, and methodological papers making up around 270,000 words in all.

Abstract. The author looks at the historical aspect of borders drawn across the expanses of the Arctic Ocean by nations having their shores open to the Arctic. He examines the major factors that caused differences in attitudes to mutual international recognition of Arctic borders that had existed for some time already and the trends they are following, and major threats to Russia's national interests in the Arctic.

Keywords: the Arctic, history, the World Ocean, differences, continental shelf, research, the Northern Sea Route, threats to Russia's national security, contingents of troops (forces), zone of national interests.

The Arctic is a harsh and desolate expanse of ocean, uncertain from end to end and full of hazards and adversities for the human beings, and hiding ...

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