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L. Grigoryev, S. Agibalov: "It is interesting that the 2005-2007 period of rapid economic growth in the Baltic countries was precisely when the financial foundation of their economic development began to crumble. The world crisis knocked some major pillars out of that foundation, and the Baltic economic miracle ended in a severe crisis. One can say that the world economy has passed through the two crisis years more of less successfully. Of course, some countries have suffered significant losses, but the depth of the recession in the Baltic countries, especially in Latvia, points to the collapse of the adopted development model."

Roundtable: "The past five years have seen an upsurge of planning activities in Russia. Somewhat forgotten in the turbulent 1990s, planning today takes the form of strategic (national, sectoral, regional) plans and programs, mediumterm reports on the performance of governing bodies, and on projects being implemented under the Guidelines of the Government Activities, and of annual government targets, etc."

V. Batyuk: "...from the outset the American side made it clear to the Soviet leader that it was going to determine the agenda of this summit at its own discretion, and that at the top of the agenda would be the surrender of the Soviet 'empire' in exchange for vague promises of American 'aid' to the crisis-stricken Soviet economy. As for the problem of arms control, which was more of a winning issue for the Soviet side (Moscow still had some strong bargaining chips), that topic was only touched upon in passing in Malta."

S. Savinkov: "The fundamental difference between a dreamer and an ideologist is not so much the fact that the ideologist, unlike the dreamer, is capable of acting and moving from the semiotic to the real domain. Even more important is the fact that the ideologist (unlike the dreamer, who is always alone by definition) is never alone... For ...

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