The Innovation Pause Hypothesis and the Strategy of Modernization

V. Polterovich

No. 1

Global Crisis—Consequence of Structural Shifts in the Economy

V. Danilov-Danilyan

No. 1

Resource Transfer As a Reflection of a Socially and Economically Flawed Agricultural Policy

I. Buzdalov

No. 2

Russian Privatization in the Eyes of Scholars (Roundtable)

N. Pliskevich

No. 3

Does the 2010 Budget Promote the Modernization of the Russian Economy?

V. Senchagov

No. 3

The Baltic States: In Search of a Way Out of the Crisis

L. Grigoryev, S. Agibalov

No. 4

What Should be Planned in a Market Economy and How (Roundtable)


No. 4


The Events of 1939-1940 in the Baltic Countries: Public Perception

R. Simonyan, T. Kochegarova

No. 1

Marginal Population Groups and State Policy. 1940s—1960s

Ye. Zubkova

No. 2

page 167

The Problem of the National and the International in the Soviet Nationalities Policy and Propaganda in 1944—the First Half of 1945

F. Sinitsyn

No. 3

Recent Russian Historical Studies on the Scale of Political Repressions in 1937-1938

S. Kropachev

No. 3


V. Batyuk

No. 4


The Cultural Myth about the Corrupting Novel and Ways of Dispelling It in Russian Literature of the Epoch of the Enlightenment

Ye. Prikazchikova

No. 1

On the Principles of Structuring the History of Russian Literature of the Late 19th and First Half of the 20th Centuries

V. Polonsky

No. 1

Moscow-Tartu Semiotics: Achievements and Limitations

V. Zhivov

No. 2

The Sense of Life and Poetry of Life in the Works of Leo Tolstoy (1850s—early 1860s)

V. Fatyushchenko

No. 3

Paving the Way to Dostoyevsky's Novel: Typology of the Hero

S. Savinkov

No. 4

The Postmodernist Myth of Pushkin

P. Spivakovsky

No. 4


Global Capitalism: Three Great Transformations

V. Fedotova, V. Kolpakov, N. Fedotova

No. 1

page 168

Hegel, Europe and the Turn of the Millennia G. Knabe No. 2 Russian Philosophy of Law and Western Philosophical and Legal Tradition: A Comparative Analysis V. Lapayeva No. 3 The Language of the Russian Philosophical Tradition: "The History of Concepts" As a Form of Historical and Philosophical Reflection N. Plotnikov No. 4 POLITICAL SCIENCE Subjects of Present-Day World Order: Nomadic Mongolia A. Zheleznyakov No. 1 Alternatives of Russian Modernization or Meji Restoration, Russian Style E. Kulpin No. 2 Symbolic Policy and the Construction of Macropolitical Identity in Post-Soviet Russia O. Malinova No. 3 PSYCHOLOGY Morality As a ...

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