GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY Russian Federation Military Policy in the Area of International Information Security: Regional Aspect   1 FORCE DEVELOPMENT Preparation of Mobilization Manpower Resources Military-Economic Feasibility Study Methods D. F. Ziganshin 10 MILITARY ART The Promise of Defense I. N. Vorobyov, V. A. Kiselyov 17 New Methodology of Effective Engagement Planning in Combat Operations V. N. Zaritskiy 26 MILITARY-TECHNICAL POLICY Defense-Industrial Complex: State, Problems, Prospects V. V. Menshchikov 31 INFORMATIZATION OF MILITARY FORCES Quality and Security of the Automated Systems for Control of Armed Forces (Troops): Unity of the Whole and the Partial V. R. Grin 36 Methodological support of military and economic evaluation of automated control systems at the tactical level Y. S. Sukhorukov, S. N. Merkulov, V. V. Fomin 42 MILITARY THEORY AND PRACTICE On Development of a Complex of Mine Warfare Countermeasures B. L. Ryabinov 55 Basic Requirements to a System of Air Defense of Troops and Objects in Modern Conditions V. A. Zakharov, V. A. Gladyshev 64 New Approaches to Prospective Air Defense of the Russian Federation V. F. Pyrkovsky, A. P. Korabelnikov 72 On Organization Theory of Troops (Forces) and Their Activity A. M. Kuzmintsev 78 TRAINING AND INDOCTRINATION On Conceptual Principles of the Military Training Perspective System O. E. Sosin 82 Remote Education Technologies as a Part of the Military Training System: Opportunities and Prospects V. F. Mordvinov 90 Organizational and Methodological Aspects of Computer Teaching Aids Development V. F. Mordvinov 94 On Humanistic Values Formation in Foreign Language Teaching Process V. G. Ulianova 98 On Measures to Improve the Level of Safety in Military Service G. I. ...

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