How Command and Control Agencies in Leningrad Military District Interact with Mass Media

Author: Y. N. KLENOV


Born at Engels, Saratov Region, on 27 September, 1953, Yuri N. KLENOV comes from a military family. He graduated from the journalism department of the Lvov Higher Military Political School (1978) and the editors department of the Military Political Academy in Moscow (1988). He worked for the press agencies of the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany, and those in the Byelorussia and Leningrad Military Districts. Since 1990, he has been with the HQ of the Leningrad Military District (LMD). Since 1995, he is the LMD's press center and later Information and Public Relations Service chief.

He is a member of the Journalists Union since 1981, and one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Association of Press Services and Public Relations Services. He is a member of the Board of the Association of Press Services of the Power Structures and Law Enforcement Bodies. He is co-chairman of the Club of Military Observers under the LMD Information and Public Relations Service and vice-president of the Combat Unity Club. He is the author and presenter of a number of televised programs. He is also a war veteran. He was awarded the Order of Honor (August 2006) and other government decorations as well as decorations of the power agencies.

The public and mass media are always interested in the military problems. There are appropriate information support agencies to provide materials informing individuals, organizations and mass media about the activities of military units and military command-and-control elements. Their present functions are much expanded in accordance with the RF Defense Minister's Order No. 555 of December 30, 2005 "On Information Support Agencies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation." It is these agencies that have the right to hand down to the media, in accordance with the established procedure, all official statements and communications.

In a military district, its information ...

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