The Fifth (Mediterranean) Squadron: Air Defense Operations (1970 - 1972)


Capt. 1st Rank V. V. ZABORSKIY (Ret.)*

Let us first consider the concept of "fleet air defense" as it is defined in official enforceable legal documents: "Aggregate of measures and combat operations to repel hostile attack and to protect naval forces at sea and in base, as well as naval shore installations against enemy air attack. Carried out in all types of combat operations at sea by the antiaircraft assets of warships and embarked fighters, and at naval bases by the antiaircraft assets of the naval base and warships in coordination with the air defense assets of the other branches of service. Includes: reconnaissance to detect hostile aircraft, warning, destruction of aircraft, cruise missiles and other air targets, tactical camouflage, concealment, and deception, and anti-air maneuvering of warships. "1

In accordance with the Navy's current official enforceable legal documents, air defense is one of the most important types of naval combat support in all sea and oceanic areas of operation by warships and fleet forces, at naval bases, civilian ports, and points of standing at anchor (dispersed basing facilities).

Air defense of naval bases (civilian ports) with naval assets is carried out within the general organization of a concrete territorial air defense system where the main task and role in ensuring air defense is assigned to naval shore (ground based) systems of radar detection of air enemy forces, antiaircraft assets of air defense missile forces and fighter aviation of the Air Force. In this case, embarked antiaircraft assets are incorporated into the general air defense system of a base (port) and operated on the orders (target designation or allocation) of a senior shore air defense commander ("antiaircraft chief").

In naval operations in maritime (oceanic) sectors, warships are covered by ground based fighter aviation of the Air Force and the Navy within their effective range. The main method of cover provided by ...

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