Determination of Levels of Unacceptable Damage to State Economic System: A Methodological Approach

Author: A. V. RADCHUK

Col. A. V. RADCHUK (Res.), Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow

Alexander Vasilievich RADCHUK was born at Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, in 1956. Graduated from Moscow Higher Technical School named after N. E. Baumana (1979), and Retraining and Skill Upgrade Department of the General Staff Academy (2003). Held various positions with the Central Research Institute, MOD. Currently, Adviser to Chief of General Staff. Professor, Academy of Military Sciences. Winner, Leninist Komsomol Prize. Authored more than 130 scientific works on strategic stability and national security, nuclear containment, modeling and assessment of complex systems.

The notion of "unacceptable damage to state economic system" concentrates the essence of both nuclear containment and nuclear strategy as a whole. Different quantitative indicators that formalize this notion form the basis for nuclear employment concepts and determine their shape. Simultaneously it is a powerful factor in bringing pressure to bear on enemy decision-making mechanisms and one of the main factors helping to "convince" the enemy that launching an aggression is a high-risk affair.

However, since the 1960s, when this term was adopted by the scientific community and made part of military organizational development, and to this day its definition is quite subjective and vague, failing to provide a clear and unequivocal idea about concrete quantitative indicators that characterize it. Moreover, politicians and the military view the gamut of unacceptability within sufficiently wide limits, ranging from complete and irreversible destruction of a state economy to some hardly perceptible and undefined facet of psychological or political unacceptability.

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Most generally, the damage a state sustains in the course of military operations, or, to put it differently, the "price of war," is a complex category that cannot be recognized as fully established in scientific literature. Its crucial component is military casualties, i. e., losses that belligerents sustain as a consequence of a military conflict. These include: loss of life, ...

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