GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY   Determination of Levels of Unacceptable Damage to State Economic System: A Methodological Approach A. V. Radchuk 1 About the Evolution of the Modern American "Information Operations" Doctrine S. A. Komov, S. V. Korotkov, I. N. Dylevskiy 14 Russia's Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea: Results and Prospects of Development O. A. Piven 25 MILITARY ART   "Time" and "Space" as Strategic Categories of Contemporary Wars I. N. Vorobiov, V. A. Kiselev 38 The Combat Capabilities of a Tactical Group of Forces K. A. Trotsenko 47 An Integrated System for Personnel WMD Protection E. V. Shatalov, O. N. Alimov 55 Development Prospects of the Infantry Flame Throwers as an Integral Part of the Servicemen Individual Battle Kit E. V. Shatalov, Ye. V. Yegorov 60 Units of Radioactive, Chemical and Biological Defense Troops of RF Armed Forces in Handling Emergency Situations at Chemically Hazardous Sites S. V. Kukhotkin, G. I. Olefin, A. S. Velyaminov 64 Apropos of Expedient Structure of Air Defense for Naval Operational-Strategic Formations G. B. Ryzhov 69 Military Science at the Present Stage I. N. Vorobiov, V. A. Kiselev 77 Evolution of Principles of Military Art I. N. Vorobiov, V. A. Kiselev 84 On Evaluation of Air Operation Effectiveness V. V. Barvinenko, V. R. Lyapin 92 Logic-Methodological Aspects of Air Defense for Naval Operational-Strategic Formations G. B. Ryzhov 102 R&D Products in Military-Technical Cooperation O. L. Bobryakov 113 Legal Protection of Secret Inventions and Related Problems Yu. N. Filimonov, L. N. Khitrova 118 INFORMATIZATION OF MILITARY FORCES   Information Support as a Major Component of Military Command and Control Operations D. ...

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