The Concept of Electronic Warfare

Author: M. S. SHUTENKO

Col. M. S. SHUTENKO (Ret)

The broad introduction of electronic technology into weapon systems and military equipment, the globalization of information command and control systems, and comprehensive computerization have brought about modern information warfare (including robotic) complexes. This not only changes the nature of warfare, but also shifts warfare more into the information and intelligence realm, which requires a new look at the role and place of electronic warfare (EW) in the general system of the RF Armed Forces. This is all the more necessary, since to date there is no uniform EW concept. In addition to that, some authors put forward ideas and proposals that are not only controversial and moot, but also erroneous. Let us now briefly consider the EW content and EW components.

It is important to note that the concept of EW emerged at a certain stage in the development of weapons and military equipment, primarily following the broad application of discoveries and achievements in electronics in command and control systems. Not only radio communications as a means of command and control but also a diversity of electronic systems have become an essential part of many types of weapon systems, largely predetermining their combat and technical characteristics. By the late 1960s, the modern view evolved on the essence of EW as an array of measures and activities in an operation (battle) to suppress the adversary's EW assets, ensure the protection and stable operation of friendly EW assets amid EW jamming by the enemy. EW content and components are as follows:

* electronic intelligence, including radio communications intelligence, signals intelligence, laser intelligence, IR intelligence, TV communications intelligence, acoustic intelligence, and radar intelligence, which is conducted by searching, detecting, and intercepting electronic emissions, and analyzing radars' technical parameters and coordinates. Intelligence thus obtained is used not only to locate enemy troops and identify their intentions, i. e., as an independent element ...

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