GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY   Approaches to the Creation of the National Aerospace Defense System, and the Future Network-Centric Wars B. F. Cheltsov 1 National Security and the Future Prospects of Professional Military Personnel in the Russian Armed Forces: Tendencies and Patterns N. V. Karpilenya 12 Information Resources of Foreign States as a Threat to Russia's Military Security N. A. Molchanov 22 Russia's Military Policy in Modern Conditions V. I. Lutovinov 32 FORCE DEVELOPMENT   Legal Regulation of the Recruitment of Manpower for the Russian Federation Armed Forces M. F. Gatsko 44 MILITARY ART   The Element of Surprise in Warfare A. I. Kalistratov 51 MILITARY-TECHNICAL POLICY   Weapons Development: Vectors in International Cooperation (A Case Study: Shipbuilding) A. N. Vauchsky 59 ARMED FORCES INFORMATIZATION   Some Ideas for Making Modern ACS for Aircraft I. B. Bresler 74 A New System to Train and Increase the Number of Reservists V. A. Odrinsky 78 From Applied Military Science to a Basic Science of Warfare. Part One I. S. Danilenko 83 From Applied Military Science to a Basic Science of Warfare. Part Two I. S. Danilenko 94 Specific Features of Technical Support for Russian Forces in Local Wars and Armed Conflicts M. P. Stepshin 104 TRAINING AND INDOCTRINATION   Military Training of University Students: Deontological Issues during Field CampDrills V. A. Karavaev 112 Mikhail Tukhachesky on Education and Training of Servicemen: Present-Day Application of His Views to the Present M. S. Yuvchenko 118 DISCUSSION FORUM   Logistics for Military Transportation: A Concept and Its Substantiation A. V. Kirichenho, S. V. Kharchenko 123 ...

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