On the Need for Legal Regulation of Maritime Policy

Author: R.M. Gasanov

R.M. GASANOV, Candidate of Law

Rauf M. GASANOV was born in Baku on June 18, 1957. He graduated from the Law Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

For over 20 years he worked at RF public prosecution agencies, rising from district investigator to head of the organization and control directorate at the Moscow Public Prosecutor's Office and collegium member. At present he is deputy director of the Tsentr Research Center, a federal public unitary enterprise.

Abstract. The article reviews the current state of legal regulation in the Development of Methodologytion in shipbuilding in the interests of Russia's defense and security.

Keywords: maritime policy, national security, legal regulation, geopolitics, shipbuilding, the Navy.

The current state and prospects for the development of the global military-political situation suggest that potential external and internal threats to Russia's national security are still there, and in some areas have actually worsened. This calls for appropriate counteraction.

Then again the World Ocean, whose littoral sectors are home to half the Earth's population, has always been, and remains in the 21st century, an arena where the growing interests - geopolitical, economic, political and military - of major powers come into conflict. The reason is the enormous concentration of energy, mineral and food resources the World Ocean provides. Currently seabed deposits account for nearly a quarter of the global oil and gas production ($80 to $100 billion worth a year). Development of continental shelf and deep-sea resources can yield ferromanganesian concretions, nickel, cobalt, copper and other valuable metals. The catch of fish and marine products amounts to an annual $35 to $40 billion worth.

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For these reasons control over the seas, exploitation and protection of biological and mineral resources, and countering potential threats from the sea are taking center stage. And that requires an efficient merchant fleet and navy.

The geopolitical changes over the last few years have drastically ...

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