In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS   The Russian Tourist Industry: Trends and Risks A. Ovcharov 4 Modernization through Coalitions L. Grigoryev, V. Tambovtsev 16 HISTORY   History among Other Social Sciences I. Savelyeva, A. Poletayev 28 The Baltic German Nobility and Russia's Policies in the Early 20th Century N. Andreyeva 43 PHILOLOGY   On Strategies of Analyzing Literary Works V. Khalizev 53 PHILOSOPHY   Property and the Individual: Axiomatics of Individuality in European and Russian Philosophy N. Plotnikov 64 POLITICAL SCIENCE   Nostalgia Territory (Geographical Image of Russia and the Problems of Language Identity in the Former Republics of the USSR) D. Zamyatin 76 PSYCHOLOGY   Psychological and Pedagogical Principles of Toy Expert Assessment Ye. Smirnova, N. Salmina, Ye. Abdullayeva, I. Filippova, Ye. Sheina 86 How Terrorists Are Motivated A. Tkhostov, K. Surnov 97 SOCIOLOGY   Uneasy Stabilization N. Lapin 109 PHILOSOPHY/LAW   Legal Positivism and Human Rights N. Varlamova 129 BOOK REVIEWS   I. Economics   The World Economy: Forecast to 2020 I. Goryunov 142 ISTOKI: The Experience of the Study of Economics As a Structure and a Process A. Moskovsky 146 II. History   S. Yarov. Conformism in Soviet Russia: Petrograd 1917 - 1920 D. Churakov 157 IV. Philology   M. Virolainen. Historical Metamorphoses of Russian Literature V. Shpakov 162 V. Philosophy   P. Ryabov. The Philosophy of Classical Anarchism (The Personality Problem) I. Myurberg 166 VI. Political Science   Nationalism in World History A. ...

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