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A. Ovcharov: "Russia has colossal natural, cultural and historical resources for the development of various types of domestic tourism. However, the industry of hospitality in the country, although proclaimed to be a government priority, is still a high-risk and underdeveloped sector while demand for its services is growing. Competition on the part of international tourism makes it incumbent upon the Russian tourist and recreation industry to seek ways to adapt to the new conditions."

L. Grigoryev, V. Tambovtsev: "In the past eight years of rapid economic growth, profound changes have taken place in Russia. Many socioeconomic problems inherited from the Soviet system or accumulated in the crisis period of the 1990s have been successfully resolved or the way has been paved for their solution. For the first time in more than 15 years, conditions have been created for going over from the solution of tactical problems and crisis management measures in the 'fire brigade' style to the formation of long-term strategic national development goals. Advance towards them should be the core of the transition from Post-Crisis Russia to Prosperous Russia, which constitutes the goal of the 'Modernization' strategy."

I. Savelyeva, A. Poletayev: "To understand modern history (historical knowledge) one has to address three interconnected themes: 1) the character of the differences between history and other social sciences; 2) the degree to which history is a science, i. e., its similarity to other social sciences; 3) models of interaction between historical studies and other social sciences. The novelty of this approach consists in using the potential of the sociology of knowledge to analyze the historical epistemology and consistently study the relationship between history and various forms of knowledge of the past."

N. Andreyeva: "Under the laws of the Russian Empire the Baltics was one of the regions with special status. General administration was based on the Code of Local Laws of the Ostsee Guberniyas ...

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