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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 2. 2008

S. Stepashin. Not to Lose the Chance.

I. Grekhov. Power Semiconductor Electronics and Impulse Technology.

V. Ivanter, M. Uzyakov. Prospects for Russian Economic Development for the Next 20 Years.

Strategy for the Long-Term Prognosis. Paper Discussion.

M. Krylov, [M. Libenson]. Peculiarities of the Evolution of the Living and the Inanimate Matter.

G Kuleshova. "Palaces of Sciences" on the Map of Moscow.

Yu. Kagan. Academician I. Kikoin. The Birth Centenary. Life and Fate.

A. Fursenko. Custodian of the Treasures of the Hermitage. The Birth Centenary of Academician пїЅ. Piotrovsky.

No. 3. 2008

V. Ishayev. A Strategy of Development of the Far East and the Transbaikalia.

G. Zherebtsov, S. Yazev. The International Heliophysical Year.

Yu. Zubarev. Digital Television in Russia.

A. Alimov, S. Golubkov. Changes in the Ecosystem of the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland.

The Gulf of Finland As the Unique Model for Elaboration of Preventive Environmental Protection Measures. Paper Discussion.

A. Markel. Genetics of Arterial Hypertension.

R. Galiulin, R Galiulina. Removal of Heavy Metals from Soil with the Help by Plants.

R. Fando. Unknown about Notable Biologist. From the Diary of A. Serebrovsky.

page 189

No. 4. 2008

Z. Golenkova et al. Social and Professional Portrait of the Russian Middle Class.

A. Khanchuk et al. Corporate Network of the RAS Far-Eastern Branch: High-Technology Integration of the Scientific Subdivisions.

A. Shevyakov. Inequality and ...

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