In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS   Strategy 2050: Can Russia Deal with the Challenges of Globalization? K. Yudayeva, Ye. Yasin 3 The Power-Property System in Contemporary Russia N. Pliskevich 19 HISTORY   Legalizing the Moscow Patriarchate in 1927: The Secret Aims of the Authorities A. Mazyrin 28 PHILOLOGY   A Philological Trap. The Genre of a Letter in the Name of a Third Person in the Tradition of a Philological Interpretation A. Markov 43 PHILOSOPHY   The Experience of Separation and the Event of Love (Theses on Franklin Ankersmit's historical experience and Friedrich Schelling's eternal past) P. Rezvykh 55 POLITICAL SCIENCE   Russia 2020: Alternative Scenarios and Public Preferences A. Melvil, I. Timofeyev 71 PSYCHOLOGY   Sociopsychological Aspects of the Adaptation of Russian Scientists to Social Change A. Prikhidko 91 SOCIOLOGY   Institutions, Networks, Rituals B. Dubin 102 Socioterritorial Dynamics and Ethnic Relations in the North Caucasus V. Kolossov, J. O'Loughlin 115 BOOK REVIEWS   I. Economics   G. Kleyner. Strategy of an Enterprise I. Gurkoy 136 V. Gimpelson, R. Kapelyushnikov (Eds.). Wages in Russia: Evolution and Differentiation L. Ovcharova 139 II. History   Pyotr Andreyevich Zayonchkovsky. Compendium of Articles and Reminiscences to Mark the Historian's 100th Birthday A. Stepansky 143 N. Bysatrova. USSR and the Start of Confrontation Between Military Blocs in Europe (1945 - 1955) V. Nefyodov 149 III. Philology   A. Goldenberg. Archetypes in the Poetics ofNikolay Gogol Ye. Annenkova 154 M. Panov. Works on General Linguistics and Russian Language M. Alpatov 159 IV. ...

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