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L. Grigoryev, A. Salmina: "Here is how we see some of the ways of development of the Russian middle class in the near future: separation of the upper middle from the upper class; increasing stability (set of attributes) of the 20% middle (middle middle) class; and gradual acquisition of lacking stability (and other attributes) by the huge reserve of 30% of the population that will become part of the conventional lower middle class. And all of them together will hopefully acquire the main behavioral characteristics of the middle class in sociopolitical life."

D. Sorokin: "The history of Russian business shows that its best representatives were able to rise above their narrow economic interests and throw in their lot with that of the country. This approach was clearly expressed, for example, in the Seven Principles Governing Business in Russia, the first national business code of ethics adopted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1912. It said, among other things, that the Russian entrepreneur had to be 'irreproachable in virtue, honesty and truthfulness', that his duty was to 'work in the sweat of his brow for the benefit of his Native Land', and that 'no goal should blind him to moral values'. It is no accident that the most prominent members of the Russian business community pondered over Russia's historical destiny and its socioeconomic development options."

I. Sabennikova: "In the comparative historical perspective Russian emigration found itself at the center of a global social conflict because it was caught between two opposing political systems. Emigration was the result of a historically unprecedented social catastrophe and by and large it reflected the scale of that catastrophe. It turned into refugees two million people from different social classes, nationalities and cultural strata who were scattered practically among all countries. It generated a special cultural type springing from people's wish to preserve their perception of a world that had ceased ...

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