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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 7, 2010

S. Rogov. Russia Must Become a Scientific Superpower.

Yu. Tretyakov. Morphological Diversity in the Nanodimensional World of Inorganic Substances and Materials.

The Nanotechnology Revolution in the Research of Substance. Paper Discussion.

R. Grinberg. Public Interest and Economic Policy: General Theory and Russian Practice.

The Public and the Individual: Is the Harmony Possible? Paper Discussion.

I. Shulgina. The Russian Academy of Sciences in the Mirror of the Federal Science Statistics.

A. Karpov. Society of Knowledge: A Weak Link.

R. Shcherbakov. The Great Experimenter: To the 375th Birth Anniversary of Robert Hooke.

M. Panasyuk An Outstanding Conductor of Scientific Studies. The Birth Centenary of Academician S. Vernov.

A. Chudinov. A "Commissar" of the "Historical Front." The 125th Birth Anniversary of Academician N. Lukin.

N. Laverov. Discussion of Problems of the Missle East Settlement.

O. Malkov. The International Year of Astronomy: Events and Results.

G. Zavarzin. Russia and Russians: A Sight from Within.

No. 8, 2010

R. Nigmatulin. The Ocean: Climate, Resources, Natural Catastrophes. Searching for Ways of Adaptation to Climatic Changes. Paper Discussion.

page 169

A. Galper, Yu. Stozhkov. "Pamela" Half-Opens a Window in the World of the Dark Matter.

K. Ivanov. Power Problems of the Life.

A. Kerzhentsev. Mechanism of the Soil Functioning and Stability of Ecosystems.

L. Veryovkin, O. Veryovkin. Value of Education in Public Consciousness.

Yu. Chaykovsky. Lamarck, Darwin and the Structure of Science. To Recent Anniversary of "Histoire naturelle des animaux sans vertèbres" and "The Origin of Species. "

Vl. Kuznetsov, G. Dmitrieva. Unjustified Forgotten Name. The 175th ...

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