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V. Tambovtsev: "Until relatively recently, economic theory ... considered only such types of action as exchange, production and consumption (as well as distribution). Only in the second half of the 20th century, within the framework of a trend known as 'economic imperialism' (i.e., the use of economic analysis methods outside the domain of economics), various elements of the content of this type of action-coercion, violence-began to be interpreted in economic terms."

V. Burlachkov: "The current predictive capabilities of economic science can be regarded as unsatisfactory. So far, economists have been unable to develop the basic principles of crisis prediction or to foresee short - and medium-term economic fluctuations. For a vast majority of members of the world economic community, the global crisis came as a complete surprise."

V. Musatov: "Mikhail Gorbachev, the General Secretary of the CC of the CPSU, used to meet Ceauşescu while still Secretary of the CC and a Member of the Politburo, i.e., before he was elected to the Party's top post. By and large, his attitude to the Romanian leader was not much different from that of other members of the Soviet leadership. In conversations with his colleagues he referred to him as the Romanian Führer. But in some ways Gorbachev's attitude to his Romanian counterpart was different. It is hard to say why: perhaps he thought that Ceauşescu and Romania had been somewhat ignored under Brezhnev or perhaps he hoped to be able to exert personal influence on Ceauşescu."

T. Labutina: "Charles Whitworth's reports demonstrate that he operated in two spheres of activity. The official sphere concerned all sorts of engagements that any diplomat was duty-bound to attend. He met with the Czar and his courtiers, and attended receptions and diplomatic routs. His job was also settling controversial issues raised by British subjects in the service of the Russian monarch or trading with Russia. But there is every reason to ...

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