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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 11, 2010

A. Tulokhonov, S. Puntsukova. Kyoto Protocol and Economic Development of Regions.

V. Berger, A. Sukhotin. Biological Resources of the White Sea, Their Production Potential and Rational Use.

A Brilliant Example of Regional Sea Investigations. Paper Discussion.

Ye. Bonch-Osmolovskaya, N. Ravin. Analysis of Complete Genomes As the Next Stage in Development of Microbiology: The Analysis of Complete Genome.

M. Voronkov, V. Baryshok Atranes As a New Generation of Biologically Active Substances.

Yu. Granin. Modernization of Russia-Without Science and Education?

V. Lebedev. Modeling of Flight to Mars on Circumterraneous Orbit.

No. 12, 2010

M. Romanovsky. Publication Activity of Organizations of the Natural Sciences Profile in Russia and Abroad.

A. Zapesotsky. Culturology As a Branch of Scientific Knowledge.

I. Gorynin, Ye. Khlusova. Nanostractured Steels for Potentiation of the Shelf Fields in the Arctic Ocean.

S. Grinchenko, Yu. Shchapova. Periodization Models of the Humankind's History.

G. Zavarzin. Starting Stages of Evolution of the Biosphere.

R. Shcherbakov. The Man of Great and Lucid Mind. The 125th Birth Centenary of Niels Bohr.

page 162

A. Tsivadze et al. One of the First Corrosionists. The Birth Centenary of Academician Ya. Kolotyrkin.

M. Sadovsky. Ginzburg As Remember Him.

No. 1, 2011

A. Yurevich. "Asocial Socialization" As the Basis for Moral Degradation of Society.

A. Terekhov. Cadres Ensuring the Priority Scientific Investigations (An Example of Nanotechnologies).

Vyach. Ivanov. Current State of Indo-European Problem. Contribution of Linguistic Investigations to Solution of Fundamental Scientific Problems. Paper Discussion.

Yu. Knirel et al. Straggle for Control over Plague. The Past and the ...

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