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G. Kleiner: "We have proposed a new theoretical concept of economic resource: the concept of system resource of the economy as a complex of existing and potential economic systems. The proposed concept has emerged from a broad generalization and synthesis of modern theories of the firm, systems theory, institutional economics and knowledge-based economics."

V. Bessonov: "Analysis of economic dynamics involves the study of trends which span time periods of different durations. It is particularly important to study the short-term trends: first, such analysis is needed to monitor the economic situation; second, high-frequency components carry the main information contained in the time series and are therefore the most informative and replete with substance."

G. Karpov: "The reforms of Peter I affected all spheres of Russian life in one way or another, including education and professional training. Although such training was available at Russian schools some young people went aboard to receive training in occupations needed in Russia. At least one thousand Russians went to foreign countries during the first decades of the 18th century for that purpose. Most of the volunteers learned the secrets of sea navigation and numerous shipbuilding crafts. Scores of the students who were later dubbed Peter the Great pensioners studied free sciences and arts in Holland and Italy. Pyotr Yeropkin, a future architect and one of those who designed Petersburg, was among them."

A. Sergeyeva-Klyatis: "It is true that the two political systems were playing the Pasternak card in complete disregard of the consequences it might have for the main hero in this affair. Invariably the representatives of both secret services, with their specific work methods and goals, and the Russian writer Pasternak found themselves not only on the opposite sides of the barricades, so to speak, they simply existed in parallel worlds which neither had communication nor could they have any."

T. Ryabova, O. Ryabov: "Each authority ...

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