Editorial note: We continue to inform you about the contents of the leading RAS journals published in Russian and confirm our readiness to help our readers order translations of any article mentioned below.


(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 2, 2011

N. Klyuyev. Russian Interregional Contrasts in a Global Context.

A. Adrianov. Ecological Security of the Russian Far Eastern Seas. We Need the State Control over Ecological Security. Paper Discussion.

A. Romanyukha et al. Beginnings of Epidemics of Acute Respiratory Diseases.

Ya. Kuzmin. Radiocarbon Method and Its Application in Present-Day Science.

N. Motroshilova. Inferior Segments of the Scientometrics.

S. Kazantsev. What Is the Russian Minobrnauki Appreciating Really?

R. Garetsky. Irrepressible Passion for Knowledge, Civil Responsibility. The Birth Centenary of Academician A. Yanshin.

B. Ogorodnikov. From the History of Making Radioactive Aerosol Scanners and Tool Protection.

No. 3, 2011

Herald of the RAS Is 80 Years Old.

A. Andreyev, P. Butyrin. Technoscience As an Innovation Social Project.

A. Luchinin. The Ocean of Low-Frequency Acoustics. Unique Instrument for the Ocean Investigations. Paper Discussion.

M. Ostrovsky. The History of Development of Eyesight Physiology in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

B. Porfiryev. Climate Changes and the Economy.

Yu. Popkov, G. Osipov. Myths and Reality of the RAS.

стр. 154

V. Martynenko. State Regulation and Social Development in Crisis Epoch.

O. Mikhaylov. Federalization of the University Education. What Stands Behind It?

Yu. Leonov. Religion—Science—Education.


(Problems of History)

No. 2, 2011

At the Threshold of the Complete Split. Contradictions and Conflicts in Russian Social Democracy, 1908-1912.

F. Sinitsyn. Peoples of the USSR in Resistance to Deportations (1941-1949).

K. Stankov. John Graham of Claverhouse.

V. Molotov's Letter in the CC of the CPSU, 1964.

M. Yerin. Soviet Leadership in the ...

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