Xie Yalong Exposes in Court His Torture and Forced Confession

Author: Li Li

(By Li Li. Beijing Wanbao (北京晚报, Beijing Evening News), April 25, 2012, p. 1. Complete text:) Spring has already permeated the air of Dandong by late April, but Xie Yalong still wore a cotton-padded jacket yesterday when he went to court. In court, Xie withdrew his earlier confessions on the spot, admitting to less than 30% of the prosecution charges. Even more surprisingly, he described the process and details of his torture and forced confession. This courtroom claim astonished people.

According to the prosecutors’ indictment, Xie has been accused of 12 charges involving 1.7278 million RMB. Most of the details of his case had not been previously disclosed. Xie admitted to less than 30% of the criminal charges leveled against him. “Xie Yalong said that he would rather receive a heavy sentence for admitting to taking bribes of 100,000 RMB than a light sentence for 1 million RMB.” Xie’s acting attorney Jin Xiaoguang said afterward. “Because of his in-court retraction, public prosecutors will also withdraw Xie’s voluntary surrender.”

During yesterday’s hearing, the most surprising element was Xie’s story about the process and details of his torture and forced confession. “Xie Yalong disclosed that during the interrogation, as soon as he gave an unsatisfactory answer, the case investigators of the special investigation team beat him. He said such beatings were incessant,” Xie’s attorney Jin Xiaoguang said. “Xie Yalong said that he was taken away at around 7:40 p.m. on Sept. 3, 2010. After boarding a train, members of the special investigation group verbally abused him. The team didn’t beat him during the daytime after they arrived in Shenyang, but from 6 p.m. onward, they pummeled him, punching him in the chest with their fists. Because his hands and feet were handcuffed, they forced opened his hands and hit them with an electric prod. They also made him take off his clothes and poured cold water on him, Xie ...

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