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  • Date:07-01-2000(FEA-No.004)
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Politics. Russian-Japanese Relations: Past Achievements and Future Prospects at the Start of the 21st Century

Author: Victor Pavliatenko and Alexander Shiindov

(c) 2000

Russia and Japan are two great powers whose relations largely determine the situation in Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region as a whole. Its relations with its Far Eastern neighbour are among the most important aspects of Russia's foreign policy. For several objective geopolitical, international, economic and military reasons, Japan is playing a consequential role in ensuring Russia's national security and national interests in the Far East. In turn, friendly and confidence-based interstate ties and constructive partnership relations with a great nuclear power, which Russia remains to this day, are of immense importance in ensuring Japan's own national interests and security. Thus, Russia's and Japan's mutual interest in building, expanding and strengthening comprehensive relations to the benefit of the people of both countries is an objective reality today.

Relations between Russia (the Soviet Union) and Japan have a long history, during the course of which similarities and differences have been manifested and continue to be manifested in their specific national and state interests. A special feature of the current period is a perceptible expansion of the joint interests of both countries with a simultaneous reduction in the number of differences and a lessening in their previous tensions. Apart from the territorial problem, the two states have no principal differences in international policies, economics, security, ecology, humanitarian

Victor Pavliantenko, M.Sc. (Hist.), director of the Centre for Japan Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Far Eastern Studies.

Alexander Shiindov, M.Sc. (Hist.), senior research scientist at the Centre for Japan Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute for Far Eastern Studies.

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issues, and so on. The ideological differences between the two states have also become part of the past.

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