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  • Date:09-01-2000(FEA-No.005)
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Russia and China Make a New Beginning (Results of Russian President Vladimir Putin's Visit to China)

Author: Leonid Moiseev

(c) 2000

Russian-Chinese relations have always been a focal point of attention. Summit meetings between the leaders of both counties are analyzed in the minutest detail. And this is not accidental, since Russian-Chinese partnership has a real influence on the situation in the Asia-Pacific Region and in the world as a whole.

The announcement at the beginning of 2000 that China would be one of the first countries to be visited by the new Russian President gave rise to a flurry of forecasts and commentaries.

The opinions frequently expressed in the mass media were blatantly preconceived and speculative. It was maintained, for example, that Moscow and Beijing were planning to form a military and political alliance, which would mean a new strategic division of the world.

Primarily, it was hinted that Russian-Chinese cooperation in military technology was aimed at undermining the United States' global position. In June 2000, hearings were held in the Armed Forces Commission of the US House of Representatives on China's military potential. Statements were made to the effect that China is increasing its military might at an accelerated rate with its sights primarily set on seizing Taiwan. Its next move would supposedly be to resolve its territorial problems in the South China Sea and with Japan. China was also accused of setting a strategic goal of ousting the US from the APR and establishing Chinese supremacy there.

In this context, Russian-Chinese cooperation in military technology is considered to be of key significance, requiring a similar response. 1

Washington is applying severe pressure in other areas too. On June 27, the Congress Appropriations Commission adopted a

Leonid Moiseev, Director of the First Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

page 3

resolution asking Israel to cancel a contract with China for building a long- range radar detection aircraft based on Russia's IL-76.

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