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  • Date:11-01-2000(FEA-No.006)
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Articles. Politics. Russian President Putin's Visit to Japan is an Important Step to Partnership

Author: Mikhail Galuzin

The official visit of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Japan on September 3-5, 2000 and his talks with Japan's Prime Minister Yoshiro. Mori brought significant results, which are evidence of consistent movement by the two countries towards real partnership.

The negotiations centred round such key aspects as strategic partnership in world affairs, development of bilateral commercial and economic ties and the peace treaty problem. Headway was made in each of these aspects.

The President of Russia and Japan's Prime Minister for the first time in the history of bilateral relations signed a Joint Statement on Interaction Between Russia and Japan in World Affairs. This document records the sides' common approaches consisting in recognition of the need for joint efforts to establish a new world order, with the preservation of the multiple national, spiritual and other values of different countries; in comprehension of the vitally important task of promoting the nuclear disarmament process, including the preservation and strengthening of the ABM Treaty as the cornerstone of strategic stability; in realization of the significance of enhancing the UN's key role in the maintenance of international peace and security, etc. Japan stated the importance of Russian integration into the World Trade Organization and expressed its readiness to cooperate with Russia in the Asia-Europe (ASEM) negotiation process. Russia backed up the nomination of Japan as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

During the negotiations President Putin and Prime Minister Mori agreed to jointly contribute to strengthening peace and stability on the Korea Peninsula, supported the latest positive trends in

Mikhail Galuzin, deputy director, Second Department of Asia, Russian Foreign Ministry.

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the inter-Korean dialogue, stressed the import of continued talks on normalization of relations between Japan and North Korea and on the deepening of Russian-North Korean relations.

The leaders of Russia and Japan pointed out that the nuclear disarmament and non- proliferation regime needs to be enhanced.

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