• "Far Eastern Affairs"
  • Date:01-01-2001(FEA-No.001)
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  • Pages 3-8
  • Words: 2749

At the Juncture of Epochs


The great watersheds in history move us, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to sum up the past and speculate about the future. The new age we currently face is, in many ways, a special one for Russia: at the juncture of the second and third millennia, a wrenching, decade-long turnaround in all parts of the nation's life is coming to an end - along with the Yeltsin era, which altered the geopolitical position of Russia as the "legal successor" of the USSR and the way of life for all the peoples and social groups within its borders. The position of science has changed, too, together with its various research organizations (both large and small) and its press.

Of its designated tasks, what did the FEA team, the editorial staff of the journal of the RAS and its Institute for Far Eastern Studies, manage to accomplish in the last decade of the second millennium?

On the whole, we have carried out all the assignments given the journal's editorial board and staff by the IFES Academic Council.

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