• "Far Eastern Affairs"
  • Date:11-01-2001(FEA-No.006)
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Russia-China-India: New Challenges and Threats in the 21st Century

Author: S. Luzianin, T. Shaumyan

On the Results of the Trilateral Russian-Chinese-Indian International Academic Conference

On September 5-6, 2001, the international academic conference "Russia-China-India and the Challenges of Globalization. Prospects for Trilateral Cooperation" was held in Moscow in the Presidential Hall of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium. The conference was organized by the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Institute for Studies of International Problems, and the Indian Institute for China Studies. At the opening ceremony of the conference, Russian Academy of Sciences Vice President, Academician V. N. Kudryavtsev, welcomed the guests and participants on behalf of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yu. S. Osipov. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister A. P. Losyukov also addressed the participants, noting in particular the uniqueness of the conference. This was the first time in contemporary Chinese and Indian studies that scholars-specialists in international law and affairs from three of the largest and most populated countries in Asia and the world had gathered together for a mutual exchange of opinions. The speaker drew attention to the fact that representatives of the three states share similar views on many of the challenges of the world political situation and expressed his certainty that India, China, and Russia are capable of having an immense impact on the processes going on in the world. He went on to welcome the conference participants on behalf of Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, whose message stressed in particular that relations among the three countries are having a great influence on world processes.

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