Author: Sergei Kazyonnov, Vladimir Kumachov

OBAMA'S GRAND MANEUVERS. By Sergei Kazyonnov and Vladimir Kumachov. (Nezavisimaya gazeta, July 31, 2013, p. 3. Complete text:) Russian and foreign publications cite informed sources as saying that [US] President Barack Obama's planned September visit to Moscow and his meeting with Vladimir Putin may be canceled.

Is Obama really so seriously upset at Russia and Vladimir Putin that he does not want to come to Moscow? Or is this primarily a grand maneuver, with all the accompanying sound effects, to ensure that the Kremlin will be conciliatory during the St. Petersburg [Group of 20] Summit?

We recall some recent episodes when Russia allegedly stepped on America's toes, infringing on its interests and dignity. Take Syria. In this case, the US should be grateful to the Kremlin for pinning its arms back and not allowing Washington to commit yet more irreparable errors throughout the greater Middle East.

Barack Obama's proposals for further drastic cuts in nuclear weapons - even as America develops high-precision nonnuclear strategic weapons, a missile defense system and the Prompt Global Strike concept - are pure PR for America's internal use. They are also an attempt to show that Moscow cannot agree to anything. The Edward Snowden affair [see feature two, above] is a story in itself: The US is doing all it can to keep him from getting home. Why is this "subversive" necessary to America (and Americans), if not to trigger another "urgent discussion" on civil rights amid a [global financial] crisis? For some reason, Washington is heating up worldwide interest in the "fugitive messiah" by pestering Moscow with a succession of humiliating requests and demands.

If the US wants to be upset at Russia anyway, why look for a solid excuse? If you're spoiling for a fight, anything can set you off. In general, the US's policy of demonizing Russia and hyping up the well-known [image of] the "evil empire" ...

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