• "Military Thought"
  • Date:01-01-2000(MTR-No.001)
  • Size:15,308 Kb.
  • Words: 2369

Talking to the Reader

Dear Reader,

We are sincerely happy that you are with us in the year 2000. In opening a new column,* we would like to note the following. The beginning of a new century and a new millennium gives humankind a unique chance of sorts: it may leave behind the "hot" and "cold" wars and take the path of progress and creativity. Of course, it is far from easy to come over from old mental stereotypes, from reliance on strong-arm methods used for dealing with complicated international and internal political problems to constructive attitudes and cooperation. Heaps of weapons and a huge nuclear potential accumulated in the 20th century leave on the agenda the problem of creating efficient mechanisms for the prevention of military conflicts. Moreover, the world has come face to face with a new threat, which is the growing wave of terrorism and a possibility of nuclear (chemical, bacteriological, etc.) blackmail by extremist forces. As before, much danger for the terrestrial civilization is contained in international, ethnic, and inter-faith differences. The circumstances being what they are, Russia has no choice other than to continue, despite all economic difficulties, the improvement of its state military organization. We, on our part, will do our best to cover on the pages of this journal, in the current year as well, the most pressing problems of Armed Forces organization, geopolitics and national security, military art, military theory and practice, training and military indoctrination.

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