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  • Date:01-01-2000(MTR-No.001)
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ABM Treaty: The Present and the Future


V.N. TSYGICHKO, Academician, RANS; Doctor of Technical Sciences; Professor, A.A.PIONTKOVSKII, Director, Center of Strategic Studies, Institute of Systemic Analysis, RAS; Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

The U.S.A. comes out for the modification of the 1972 ABM Treaty, which is regarded as one of the mainstays of strategic stability. The modification proposal is about introducing "insignificant" amendments, which, in the opinion of U.S. experts, will in no way weaken the Treaty, while, on the contrary, only adding to its vitality. The substance of these "insignificant" amendments consists in being able to deploy in the near future so-called limited national ABM system for defense against international "outcasts." The problem is not a simple one. Opinions vary widely both in the United States and Russia as to how it should be solved. Two opposite points of view are presented in the article "ABM Treaty: The Present and the Future" by

V.N. Tsygichko and A.A. Piontkovskii and the article "Limited ABM: Weakness Elimination or Force Strengthening?", which follow below.

The editors invite readers to take part in a discussion of this problem.

The end of the 20th century was marked by some global changes in the life of the world community. The Cold War came to an end, the military-political situation underwent a dramatic change, the world faced new economic, political and military challenges. The world order, which came into being as a result of World War II and was based on the two-pole strategic balance system and the United Nations' role as a tool in dealing with urgent international problems, ceased to exist. The world has been left with only one military superpower, the United States, which has proclaimed itself the world leader and, based on its military and economic might, has begun the creation of a new world order conforming to its own national interests.

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