• "Military Thought"
  • Date:03-01-2000(MTR-No.002)
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Talking to the Reader

Dear reader,

We will begin this talk with a brief survey of the main themes contained in the present issue of the journal.

The column Geopolitics and Security offers a new, non-ideological approach to the classification of military-political alliances and trends in their development. Based on the perception of the world community as a self-organizing system, Lt. Gen. E.A. Karpov, Col. G.A. Mokhorov, and Col. V.A. Rodin (Ret.) come to the conclusion that it cannot exist for long within the single-pole model.

We have no doubt that a particularly interesting contribution to the Military Art column will be found to be that by Army General M.A. Gareyev, President of the Academy of Military Sciences (The annual meeting of the Academy of Military Sciences, held on December 25, 1999, re-elected Army General M.A. Gareyev as its President for another term.), who analyzes problems of upgrading command and control of troops. As he develops his ideas about assignments for and trends in preparing the Armed Forces for war(1), the writer stresses the significance of unity of military-political and operational-strategic command and control of different armed agencies. Adducing some instructive examples from his personal record, Makhmut A. Gareyev points to the particular importance of preparing tactical-level staffs as well as specialists engaged in reconnaissance and delivery of conventional fires. Yet another significant need, in his view, is to change radically the methods of control and command of troops under combat conditions as practiced by the command echelon and the staffs.

Persisting as one of the central problems of military art (as is confirmed by the experience of combat action in Daghestan and Chechnya) is organization of effective target engagement (ETE) in operations against the adversary. The present issue offers a number of publications on this theme. The article "Fighting Enemy Armor Force Dispositions" by Col. A.S. Zaytsev, Col.

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