• "Military Thought"
  • Date:05-01-2000(MTR-No.003)
  • Size:11,822 Kb.
  • Words: 1910

Talking to the Reader

Colonel P.I. Ilyin, Editor-in-Chief

Dear reader,

The present issue of the journal is dedicated to a special occasion. It is brought out when all of us are celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Great Victory. It is for this reason that the emphasis now is on the interpretation of the invaluable record of the Great Patriotic War.

Yet another trait of this issue is our ROUND TABLE, which is devoted to the main lessons of the counter-terrorist operation in Daghestan and Chechnya. The editors asked commanders- in-chief of the Armed Forces services, chiefs of Main Directorates of the Defense Ministry and the General Staff, and heads of other ministries and agencies to estimate the principal results of the operation and offer their considerations on how to improve the organizational structure and equipment of military units as well as the organization of combat and operational training. Today, our questions are answered by Chief of the Main Directorate of Land Forces Colonel General Y.D. Bukreyev, Chief of Missile Troops and Artillery of the RF Armed Forces Colonel General M.I. Karatuyev, and Chief of the Combined-Arms Academy of the RF Armed Forces Colonel General L.S. Zolotov. In our next issues we will continue the discussion of this most topical theme whereas the entire amount of Round Table materials will be published in a special issue of our military theoretical collection.

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