• "Military Thought"
  • Date:09-01-2000(MTR-No.005)
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  • Page: 2-4.
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Talking to the Reader

Author: Col. O.N. KALINOVSKIY, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dear reader,

Today our ROUND TABLE looks at some of the basic lessons of the anti-terrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus. Taking part in the discussion are Col. Gen. V.Ye. Pavlov, chief of army aviation; Col. Gen. V.M. Azarov, chief of the Main Military Indoctrination Directorate of the RF Armed Forces; and Col. Gen.

V.I. Isakov, RF deputy defense minister and chief of the Logistics Service of the RF Armed Forces. Furthermore, starting with this issue, as promised, we will be offering various experts an opportunity to appraise the performance of federal forces in the Northern Caucasus, expressing their position on modernization of the state's military organization and the evolution of military theory and practice, taking into account the experience in the counter- terrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus. How to classify this operation? What is a "joint special operation"? What are the basic types and forms of special operations? These questions are addressed by V.V. Kvachkov, a leading expert at the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, as part of our DISCUSSION FORUM. Also here, Colonels O.G. Bulatov, G.M. Mysev, and S.B. Ivanov take issue with the authors of the article "Special Operations in an Armed Conflict."1 Relying on their experience in combat operations in Daghestan and Chechnya, they stress the special importance of long-range (stand-off) effective engagement in combating illegal armed formations. And finally, in discussing the counterinsurgency tactics, V.V. Zhikharskiy proposes using the so-called mobile groups (on a new level).

And what do you, our dear reader, think about this? What is your view of the character and essence of special operations and joint special operations? Incidentally, as is known, the RF Military Doctrine classifies the latter as one of the main forms of using the RF Armed Forces. We hope that a fruitful discussion of these matters will help further our basic doctrinal guidelines.

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