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  • Date:09-01-2000(MTR-No.005)
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ROUND TABLE. The Antiterrorist Operation in the Northern Caucasus: Main Lessons and Conclusions

Author: V.Pavlov, V.Azarov, V.Isakov

In continuing the publication of Round table* contributions, we would like to recap the questions addressed by senior officials of the RF Armed Forces and other ministries and departments:

1. What are the main lessons of the Antiterrorist Operation?

2. What are the priorities in streamlining military T/O structure, logistics, and command and control agencies?

3. What needs to be done to upgrade combat and operational training and technical support of the Armed Forces?

Col. Gen. V.Ye. PAVLOV, Chief of Army Aviation

1. Combat operations in the Northern Caucasus showed beyond any doubt that without army aviation effective operation by any force contingent is inconceivable, regardless of the scale of armed conflict, the type of combat action or climatic and geographic conditions.

Army aviation units and subunits took part in the antiterrorist operation in the 1994-1996 period and since August 1999 until now. The bulk of the army aviation force was constituted by helicopter units of North Caucasian Military District aviation, reinforced with subunits assigned from other districts. Furthermore, it included Interior Ministry aviation subunits.

Under orders by the Joint Armed Force commander, army aviation performed the following missions:

fire missions: air cover and support of troops, delivery of air strikes on designated targets, and escort of transport, combat and airborne assault helicopters;

transport and air assault missions: delivery and evacuation of reconnaissance groups and air assault forces, transport movement of troops, combat hardware and equipment and other cargo, and evacuation of sick and wounded;

*See: Military Thought, Nos 3, 4, 2000.

Page. 5

reconnaissance missions: surveillance of friendly advance routes and enemy targets and the forward edge of the battle area;

special missions: search and rescue, jamming of UHF radio communication lines, etc.

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