• "Military Thought"
  • Date:09-01-2000(MTR-No.005)
  • Size:10,586 Kb.
  • Page: 88-91.
  • Words: 1547


Author: B.P. FROLOV

Col. B.P. FROLOV (Ret.) Candidate of Historical Sciences

A year ago Volume 4 of the Military Encyclopedia appeared. The first four volumes cover the entries from "A" to the "1371 Battle of Maritsa." There are large groups of military experts and prominent military leaders contributing to the entire eight-volume ambitious project. Over five thousand authors and 14 thousand reviewers are aiming at historical authenticity and scientific objectivity.

The Russian Military Encyclopedia has inherited the best traditions of the recent and not so recent past. They were launched in 1837-1850 with the fourteen volumes of the Military Encyclopedic Lexicon and developed by eight volumes of the Soviet Military Encyclopedia (which appeared in the seventies) and the Military Encyclopedic Dictionary based on it (1983; 2nd ed., 1986). In 1987 it was decided to issue the encyclopedia's second edition. The first volume appeared in 1990 and then the work stalled. Russia's dramatically altered geopolitical situation and the radical changes in the system of international relations that occurred in the early nineties called for scientifically substantiated explanations, fundamentally new approaches, generalizations, and systematization in definitive works. In September 1992 the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation issued an order which turned preparation of military-encyclopedic works into a long-term scientific program and identified the Military Encyclopedia as an absolute priority.

The Russian Military Encyclopedia is a vast body of systematized military and historical knowledge, it has collected between its two covers scholarly interpretations of terms and concepts, it promotes military knowledge and experience, Russian military history and military traditions, provides ample information about Russian and foreign military equipment and materiel. All this creates a possibility of forging common ideas about military theory.

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