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CRITIQUE OF STUDIES AND BIBLIOGRAPHY. Essays on the History of the Baltic Fleet: Book 2 Published


Rear Admiral V.P. MASIAGIN Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Col. V.N. ROTAR

In 2003 the Baltic Fleet that holds two Orders of Red Banner will mark its 300th anniversary. Throughout three centuries the Fleet and the navy men have set the best examples of dedication and loyalty; their brilliant victories, geographic discoveries and scientific breakthrough have earned them an unfading glory.

In the 300 years of its history the Fleet has lived through numerous hardships yet never bowed to them displaying fighting skills, courage, boldness and love for the Motherland. At every stage of its history the Fleet demonstrates a new quality, new skills in mastering new types of warships and armaments, and created new formations.

Today the Baltic Fleet is protecting Russia in the Western region and the Baltic zone and ensures military and political stability there.

Everyone related to the Fleet is convinced that its heroic past should be known to all and everyone in the country to raise new generations of navy men. This explains why it was decided to publish a five-volume definitive monograph Essays on the History of the Baltic Fleet to mark the anniversary. The Fleet commanders and the council of the Fleet veterans agreed that the publication should provide an objective and complete image of the Fleet founded by Peter the Great, describe both well-known and practically unknown facts, as well as the history of its command and control and of its formations, detachments, and units.

The second volume appeared late in 1999. If offers unique and thought-provoking material from which both specialists and wide readership will profit. The authors among whom there are 35 admirals, officers and veterans, including two Doctors of Sciences and 10 Candidates of Sciences, are working under general editorship of Admiral V. Egorov, the Fleet's commander.

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