• "Military Thought"
  • Date:07-01-2000(MTR-No.004)
  • Size:10,636 Kb.
  • Page: 2-5.
  • Words: 1655

Talking to the Reader

Author: Colonel O.N.KALINOVSKY, Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Dear reader,

We continue publishing the materials of the round table(1) devoted to the main lessons of the counter-terrorist operation in the Northern Caucasus. Replying to the editors' questions today are Army General A.M. Kornukov, Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force; Colonel General G.I. Shpak, Commander of the Airborne Troops; Colonel General V.V. Tikhomirov, Commander- in-Chief of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry of the Russian Federation; and Colonel General N.I. Serdtsev, Chief of the Engineer Troops of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation. This theme is certain to be of interest to the widest possible readership. The editors receive articles whose authors seek to give forthwith their evaluation of operations conducted by the federal forces in the Northern Caucasus and to suggest some concrete measures for improving the state's military organization. This expansion of our round table is a gratifying development and you will find the most interesting materials in the next issues of this journal. Of course, one would like very much to see among the writers some direct participants in the counter-terrorist operation from among the commanders (chiefs) of the operational-tactical level. We invite them as well as all our readers to join in an active discussion of this highly topical theme.

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